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• 10/21/2013

Admin needed

Hey everyone,

I have seen that this wiki is growing, and has more users editing then ever before. Because of this, I will need a new admin to handle the wiki along with me.

Feel like you can handle being an admin on the wiki? Then reply down below and fill out this form:

  1. Admin experience: (list all the wikis you are an admin on)
  2. How often do you edit on Wikia?
  3. What do you believe are the three most important qualities of an administrator?
  4. Let's say two users are in a dispute. How will you deal with this?

Thanks for reading. Good luck to everyone!

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• 10/22/2013

1. I do not have any current wiki's where I am the administrator, however I would love to be an administrator

2. I edit whenever I find an error or I can contribute to a section (or create a relavent page)

3. Judgement, being able to decipher good information or bad information & being able to sift through pages for inappropriate or incorrect information

4. I would read through the entire argument so I could understand what happened. I would then continue to reply to them with an un-biased comment asking them to please stop and refrain from arguments as the argument would most likely be irrevelent to the page. I would ask them to please remove thread or I would do it myself.

However, if the dispute was more one sided (like bullying) I would ask the user who posted the inappropriate comments to remove their comments and I would report them.

Hope you will choose me and thank you for your consideration :)


• 10/23/2013

Pick her, she needs the position and would be better at it than me.

• 10/23/2013

Thank you for applying, BrendanGrande and Emmaphant! :)

• 11/9/2013

Here is my application:

1.Im admin on how to build a better boy and Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day wiki, I'm founder of the shake it up future wiki.

2.I edit everyday


A)Kindness because if you're not people will think you're mean and will tell that to other users.

B)Hardwork because if you sit down and do nothing people will think you're lazy.

C)Honest because if you're not honest there will be problems.

4.Well I'd here both of their stories and see if other people know anything about them if none of them are telling he truth I'll either give them a warning or block them for a few days.

That was my application if you need to know anything else I'm always active! :)

• 11/9/2013

Thank you for applying, Junatina! :)

• 11/9/2013
When will the new admin be announced?
• 11/9/2013

Junatina wrote: When will the new admin be announced?

Soon. :)

• 11/9/2013

Great! =D

• 11/10/2013
hi everyone
• 11/14/2013

1. I have never worked on a wiki before but my insatagram is like my wiki um so i would do at least 5 pics and 1 videio a day and i got so far 591 follwers i do a lot of edits but a new so i learned how to make amazing ariana grande edits i am a ariantior i love ariana grande she loves us and i love her 

3.The three i think of are:Respect to the edits and the ariana grande wiki and to ariana grande,Honstey to not lie to get my way like everybody know how i feel um dont lie to ariana,Apporatieiness to make sure if ariana looks at this she does not allt he mean names people  call her it could be hard on her 

4.i would deal with like aske what happened first then after that i will ask are you lie ing they say no then i waill say it o if its a edit then share it and use that u both used it 

And that is my answer thank you very much um i hope you pick mine i love ariana grande its ture loomat my insatagram user its:lovebuteraforever