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Amanda Benson is a character in the Nickelodeon movie titled Swindle. Amanda is portrayed by Ariana Grande.


Amanda is a peppy, friendly, and nice girl. She is a talented cheerleader. She is quite popular and sometimes it gets to her head. Even though she may seem ditzy, she is actually very clever.[1]


Amanda was once a bit of a super geek in her younger years and was known as "Mandy the Mutant" by her classmates in middle school. Because of this, she became a cheerleader to over shadow this when she moved after finishing middle school and swore she never reveal her secret "nerdiness" to anyone. About three years or so later, she agreed to help Ben Dupree and Griffin Bing in getting the rare card back which was worth 1.2 million dollars, but only after Ben told her he would pay her 25,000 dollars in return as she was reluctant before hand.

She assisted in helping the others raid Swindell's store after she was thrown onto the roof reluctantly by Darren Vader, using her skills as a gymnast so as not to fall. She then infiltrated the store through the roof and used her agility to locate the alarm setup by Swindell with a 30 second delay on it before it would trigger and activate. She reached and turned it off with barely one second to spare. The others were then able to enter the store and began to search it.


Amanda is Latin for "lovable, loveworthy".

Benson is from a surname that meant "son of Benedict". Benedict means "blessed".


  • Amanda wore braces, pigtails, and glasses in her earlier years.[2]
  • Ariana posted a picture of her portraying Amanda on October 6, 2012, on Instagram.[3]
  • She used to be called Mandy the Mutant.
  • Amanda is a secret geek.


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