The Ariana Grande administration staff is a group of bureaucrats, admins, chat mods and rollbacks that keep the wiki running. They are expected to be active on a regular basis and follow all the site policies, reply to message walls, forum posts and blogs as necessary. If they break any of the rules or do anything that result in a block or warning for a regular user, his or her rights will be revoked immediately.

Admins and rollbacks are expected to monitor pages regularly to revert vandalism, if necessary they can give users warnings.

Admins and chat mods are expected to be on chat regularly to moderate.

Administration team

Username User rights Promotion date Current status
Divine618 Bureaucrat September 25, 2014
Fan4Life Administrator August 6, 2017
Rosescamila Administrator August 6, 2017
Lucas Millonario Rollback August 6, 2017
Meatgrind89 Rollback October 11, 2016
Azending Admin (for wiki design) May 7, 2014

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