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General userboxesEdit

DD-jdAEUAAAZB5l This user LOVES Ariana Grande!


Image250 This user adores Ariana Grande!


Ariana smiling mtv vma 2013 Ariana Grande always makes this user happy!!


Ariana-Grande This user thinks Ariana has one of the most incredible voices they've ever heard!!


Ariana Grande poseing This user will love Ariana Grande forever!!!


Tumblr ln290jFvy31qbqhhuo1 500 This user thinks Ariana Grande is so funny!!


Random userboxesEdit

ArianaSunglasses This user loves sunglasses!


ArianaBow This user loves eyebrows!!


TV showsEdit

Image5,000,000 This user loves seeing Ariana Grande on Sam & Cat!


Urlh This user loves Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine!

{{Cat Valentine}}


Ariana-grande-put-your-hearts-up-video Let this user see you put your hearts up!


Ariana and MIKA This user knows about popular!


Ariana-grande-the-way-music-video-lead77 This user loves the way you make them feel!


AINE This user knows that almost is never enough!


Baby I Still All this user's tryna say is you’re their everything baby.


Ariana in the Right There music video This user'll always be right there!


ProblemMV-2 This user got one less, one less problem!


BreakFreeMusicVideo2 This is the part when this user breaks free!


Love Me Harder screenshot music video You gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, got to love this user harder!


One Last Time music video screenshot (cropped) One last time, this user needs to be the one who takes you home!


Arian Focus on me Focus on this user!


Into You Music Video (1) This user is so into you!


User rights userboxes Edit

Ariana Grande -3 This user is an admin on the Ariana Grande Wiki!

Don't add if not an admin

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 6.17.28 PM This user is a rollback on the Ariana Grande Wiki.

Don't add if not a rollback