The Believe Tour is the second concert tour by the Canadian recording artist Justin Bieber launched in support of his second studio album, Believe.[1] Beginning in September 2012, the tour played 155 shows in North America and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Ariana Grande was an opening act for this tour to promote her, at that time, upcoming debut album, Yours Truly. She opened in 2013 in Florida for 3 nights. These dates were August 7, 9, and 10, in Jacksonville, Tampa, and Atlanta, respectively.[2]

Ariana Grande setlistEdit

  1. "Baby I"
  2. "Lovin' It"
  3. "You'll Never Know"
  4. "Tattooed Heart" (Only on August 7 & 9)
  5. "Almost Is Never Enough" with Nathan Sykes (Only on August 10 in Atlanta)
  6. "Piano"
  7. "The Way"