Billboard is an American music magazine based out of New York City. The magazine also runs over 100 different music charts, the most popular being the Billboard 100 (for songs) and the Billboard 200 (for albums). Ariana Grande was featured on the cover of the magazine in August 2014. You can read her interview here.


I think people see me as a little cutesy thing, but I’m literally the most sardonic person you’ve ever met.

– Ariana on herself

[As I as child I was] dark and deranged. I always wanted to have skeleton face paint on or be wearing a Freddy Krueger mask, and I would carry a hockey stick around. I was like a mini-Helena Bonham Carter. For my fifth birthday party we had a Jaws theme and all my friends left crying. I mean, I still am that way. But when I was little it was more concerning. There was a stage, when I was 3 or 4, where my mom thought I might grow up to be a serial killer.

– Ariana on her childhood


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