Brian Nicholson (born March 12, 1985) is one of Ariana Grande's backup dancers. His twin brother, Scott, is also one the backup dancers, and Ariana calls them "the twins". He is from Ohio and has a Bachelors Degree in Dance and Business from The University of Akron. He is technically trained in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, and Street Jazz.[1] Ariana is good friends with him. They hang out very often as shown by her tweets and Instagram pictures.


Brian has danced for Janet Jackson, Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, Daddy Yankee, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, and Jaicko, and has been in commercials for Playstation, ESPN, AT&T, and Samsung. He has performed and toured with shows and companies such as Sean Kingston "Tomorrow" World Tour, Michelle Dorrance Dance, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and Monsters of Hip-Hop (cast of 2010). He and his brother have worked at the Broadway Dance Center currently work at Movement Lifestyle. He also was a Hip-Hop teacher at Flashpoint Dance Center.[2]


  • He has a cartilage piercing on his left ear.
  • He has been Ariana's backup dancer since at least February 2012, most likely even before that.[3]
  • He went to the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards to support Ariana.[4]
  • He was in the "Baby I", "Right There", "Almost Is Never Enough", "Problem" "Break Free" "Santa Tell Me" and "Don't Be Gone Too Long" music videos.
  • He danced for Nicki Minaj at the Victoria Seacret Fashion Show in 2011
  • Brian, Ariana, and Tracy Takahashi went swimming in the ocean fully clothed at 2am in July 2014.[5]
  • Brian's first tattoo is on the right side if the neck. There are 3 birds.
  • Brian and Ariana have the same "moon" tattoo and it was made on the same day. It's on their left side of the neck. It was made in Seattle during the honeymoon tour.
  • "The Honeymoon Tour" is Brian's first tour.
  • He, Scott and Boiboy choreographed the Focus music video.
  • His favorite songs on "Dangerous Woman" are "Knew Better / Forever Boy" and "Thinkin Bout You". It made him cry.


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