It was funny and I was using it for a second to my advantage, because coincidentally the day that I said it was called My Way she uploaded a snap of a clip of her song which is called My Way which I guess must be on her album that's coming out soon. So her fans thought that this was our song and it was getting me a lot of great publicity so I just left it. I just left it and then I was doing an interview with Ryan Seacrest and she was coming out as I was going in and I was like ah great I'd never met her before I was like great to meet you and she said we need to do a snap to tell everyone that this isn't the song and then at the end of the snap I sneak in the maybe it is maybe it isn't

– Calving on meeting Ariana

Adam Richard Wiles, known professionally as Calvin Harris, is a Scottish record producer, DJ, singer and songwriter.

Friendship with Ariana Edit

  • Ariana is featured on "Heatstroke" a song by Calvin Harris.
  • There were rumors of Ariana and Calvin collaborating on his song "My Way" because Ariana released preview of her own song called "My Way."
    • However this was a coincidence.

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