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Camila Cabello is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter. She hung out backstage with Ariana Grande after MTV’s Artist to Watch concert in 2013. They've been good friends since then and tweet support to each other a lot.

Friendship with Ariana Edit

  • On December 13, 2013, Camila posted a picture of Ariana with Normani and Dinah.[1]
  • Camila tweeted at Ariana "@ArianaGrande OH MY GOD I AM BALD #FocusTonight".[2]
  • Camila's favorite song of Dangerous Woman is Side to Side.[3]
  • Camila calls Ariana "wife".[4][5]
  • It is rumoured that Ariana might be featured on 's debut album but there is no proof to this other than them recording at the same times and working with some of the same producers/ artists (Diplo, Major Lazer, Victoria Monet etc).
  • Ariana has hung out with Camila several times but rarely publicly.
  • Fifth Harmony was asked about Ariana and Normani Kordei said that they have had a sleepover, it is uncler if it was just with Normani or with all of Fifth Harmony.
  • Ariana sat next to Fifth Harmony with Mac Miller at the 2016 VMAs and hugged and talked and congratulated one another throughout the show.
  • Ariana performed as the opening act at the 7/27 tour on September 11th 2016. Ariana and Camila both publicly hung out backstage and met some fans. Ariana performed Be Alright and Better Days with Victoria Monet.
  • Ariana has said that she would love to collaborate with Camila.
  • Camila attended the Dangerous Woman Tour on the 1st of April 2017 in California.[6]
  • Camila and Ariana are both featured on Cashmere Cat's album "9".[7]
  • There is a "Quit" and "I Have Questions" Mashup that is really popular.[8]

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