Coco grande

Coco Grande[1] is Ariana Grande's dog. Ariana has shown Coco in several YouTube videos and has tweeted about her lovely times along with her other dogs, Toulouse and Ophelia


  • As confirmed by Ariana, Coco is a "dachshund-German shepherd mix".
  • Also, Ariana has made a Twitter account for Coco, @MissCocoGrande, but is quite inactive on the account.
  • Ariana tweeted "Coco just somehow sent an email from my computer". She also tweeted a picture of her sitting next to her laptop, with the caption "Look how guilty she looks".
  • Coco appeared in Ariana's music video of her song "Put Your Hearts Up".
  • Ariana tweeted a picture of her and Coco.[2]
  • According to Ariana, Coco has the most basic dog name ever and she feels bad for naming her that.[3]
  • Ariana has a hat that has the words "Coco made me do it" on it.[4]
  • As stated by Ariana, Coco has a prominent underbite.[5]
  • In a YouTube video titled "Coco Breaks it Down", Ariana interviewed Coco, asking, "Do you like the new music I'm writing?" and other music-related questions. Ariana intended interviewing people for her vlog (video blog) this to be a regular hobby, but there was never another episode after Coco Breaks It Down.
  • Ariana created an Instagram account for Coco and her two other dogs Toulouse and Ophelia. The account is named "Opheliatoulouseandcoco".


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