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Colleen Mae Ballinger-Evans (neé Ballinger) is an American comedienne, singer, Broadway actress, and YouTube personality. She guest starred on Victorious as Miranda Sings in the episode "Tori Goes Platinum". She has three active YouTube channels, PsychoSoprano, Miranda Sings and Colleen Vlogs. She is good friends with Ariana Grande.

Miranda Sings

Quoted by Colleen Ballinger about the creation of the character Miranda Sings: "About six years ago, YouTube wasn't what it is now and I thought it was ridiculous this kids on YouTube trying to get famous. So, I was making fun of YouTube and of some of these really horrible girls. I never thought that anyone would see [Miranda videos] and didn't want anyone to see it! [My parents] were not supportive of my YouTube videos. They were horrified when I put my first Miranda videos up. 'You know we are paying so much money for you to go to school and you're singing terribly! This is going to ruin your career.' So, they were not supportive. I was making videos for my friends and they thought I was funny, so I continued to do it, like one video a month. There were people I didn't know leaving comments saying 'You suck', or whatever, and I was like, there are people watching my videos that I don't know, this is so weird! So, I would try to piss those people of. If they didn't like something I was doing, I would do it more, which got me more attention, because America loves to hate. If they see something to hate, they would be 'Hey, look at this stupid girl' and show it to someone else. I think that's kinda how it started, you know. I put a video called Free voice lesson that made Miranda famous."

List of Miranda's covers of Ariana's songs

  1. "Problem" cover - 6.72 million views
  2. "The Way" cover - 2.38 million views
  3. "Love Me Harder" cover - 1.63 million views
  4. "One Last Time" cover - 2.12 million views
  5. "Put Your Hearts Up" cover  - 0.39 million views
  6. "Baby I" cover - 0.27 million views
  7. "One Last Time" cover - 2.02 million views
  8. "Dangerous Woman" cover - 1.13 million views

List of Miranda's videos with/about Ariana

  1. Miranda Sings with Ariana Grande - 5.28 million views
  2. Miranda singing at Ariana's 18th birthday party - 0.14 million views
  3. How to Sing Like Ariana Grande - 0.80 million views
  4. Miranda Prank Calls Ariana - 1.70 million views
  5. Cotton Ball Challenge with Ariana Grande and Aaron Gross - 0.53 million views
  6. Miranda dances while Ariana's album is playing - 0.42 million views
  7. REACTING TO ARIANA GRANDE - FOCUS - 2.30 million views

List of Colleen's videos with/about Ariana

  1. We're related to Ariana Grande! - 2.50 million views
  2. Take Me Or Leave Me feat. Ariana Grande - 0.33 million views
  3. Ariana's 18th Birthday Party! - 0.90 million views
  4. Ariana and Colleen make a cake - 2.97 million views
  5. Ariana's 19th Birthday Party! - 0.30 million views
  6. Die In Your Arms - 0.10 million views
  7. I've Never Heard this Song Before with Ariana and Liz - 2.12 million views
  8. Disneyland with the Grandes! - 1.64 million views
  9. Camping with Ariana and Glozell!!! - 1.09 million views
  10. Ghost Hunting with Ariana Grande and Glozell! Part 1 - 3.31 million views
  11. Part 2 Scary sexy ghost upstairs! lol - 2.07 million views
  12. Ariana Grande has SO much hummus! - 1.13 million views
  13. Ariana Grande at Wango Tango - 0.60 million views
  14. Ariana's 20th Birthday Party - 2.32 million views
  15. Miranda's Cotton Ball Challenge with Ariana Bloopers - 0.64 million views
  16. Colleen's vlog (in the beginning she listens to Ariana's new song - Baby, I - 0.09 million views
  17. ARIANA GRANDE'S NEW ALBUM!! - 0.27 million views
  18. ARIANA GRANDE AT JINGLE BALL! - .36 million views
  19. Snow in California music video - .07 million views
  20. 5SOS, Ariana Grande, & My Emo Diary! - .89 million views
  21. BREAK FREE - Home video style - 1.53 million views
  22. COLLEEN'S CORNER LIVE! - .50 million views
  23. Ariana Grande - Winter Things (Cover by Colleen Evans) - .68 million views

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