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Daniella Monet Zuvic, known as her stage name Daniella Monet (born March 1, 1989) is one of Ariana Grande's close friends. She is known for portraying Trina Vega on Victorious, along with Ariana who portrayed Cat Valentine. The two of them are close and get along really well in real life. The real life friendship of Ariana and Daniella is called "Dariana" (Da/niella and A/riana) by fans.


  • Ariana and Daniella like to hang out on set together.
  • In a Popstar Interview, in which Ariana describes her cast mates with one word, she calls Daniella the 'vegan big sister'.
  • On YouTube, there is a video of them sitting together on the set singing "All I Want Is Everything".
  • Ariana tweeted that she wanted to go hiking with Daniella and Elizabeth Gillies.
  • Daniella and Ariana did a video together along with Matt Bennett and internet sensation Keenan Cahill.
  • When Jennette McCurdy accidentally made Ariana's phone number public, Daniella answered all the calls from fans while Ariana was busy filming.
  • When Ariana tweeted a pic from her "Put Your Hearts Up" music video, Daniella replied saying, "You've got Twitter in the palm of your hand! I've got my heart up too!"
  • Ariana tweeted that Daniella makes her laugh and that she loves Daniella's Victorious character, Trina Vega.
  • Daniella was at Ariana's 18th birthday celebration.
  • During Daniella's interview on the Victorious episode "Blooptorious", Daniella said "It's a lot of fun working with Ariana" before she was cut off by Christopher Cane.
  • Daniella mentioned on Twitter that she took her friends to Ariana's concert.
  • Ariana greeted Daniella a happy birthday on Twitter.
  • In the Victorious episode "April Fools' Blank" Daniella and Ariana hugged.
  • Ariana tweeted that she missed Daniella.
  • Daniella greeted Ariana a happy birthday, and Ariana replied that she loved her.
  • Daniella tweeted a picture of her and Ariana and captioned it "@ArianaGrande my little 🍓".
  • They tweet each other a lot.


Ariana Grande 2017 (18) "I never knew you could moonlight in your hands, til the night I held you"
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