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Thomas Wesley Pentz (known by his stage name, Diplo) is an American producer, singer, DJ, rapper, and songwriter. He has collaborated with Ariana Grande multiple times.

Work with Ariana Edit

  • Diplo is part of an electronic music group called Major Lazer. In 2014, the group created the song "All My Love" for the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack. Ariana provided the vocals for the song.[1]
    • A remix of the song later appeared on Major Lazer's album.[2]
  • In August 2016, following the release of Dangerous Woman, Ariana was in the studio with Diplo working on an unknown project (likely In Your Hands). He posted a short clip of the song on social media.[3][4]
  • Major Lazer told Billboard "We've also been working with Ariana Grande and loads of other singers she has a lot of new music coming out".

References Edit

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