Edward Christopher Sheeran, MBE (born 17 February 1991)[5] is an English singer-songwriter, guitarist and record producer.

Ariana Grande and Ed met at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show in 2014.

Trivia / Friendship Timeline Edit

  • Ed Sheeran was laughing on stage and when an interviewer was talking about it Ed Stated: "Can I tell you why I was laughing?," he begins to explain. "Basically there were all these big inflatable bouncy black balls bouncing around in the crowd in the finale bit when we go there. And Ariana Grande comes up and stands up next to me, and just looks at me and goes, 'I love big black balls.' In my head I was like, 'If she knows what that means then I love her, and if she doesn't know what that means, it's even better!'"
  • Ariana tweeted Ed Sheeran about the dirty joke she made on Victorias Secret
  • Nathan sykes talked about Ariana and Ed's friendship.
  • When Ariana was on Ryan Seacrest, she got a Saint Patrick's Day cookie and made a joke about it being an Ed Sheeran Cookie.

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