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Ariana Grande - Esta Noche Ft02:21

Ariana Grande - Esta Noche Ft. Bia - Dangerous Woman Tour Manchester

"Esta Noche" is a song by BIA (Perico Princess) featuring Ariana Grande. It is set to appear on BIA's upcoming mixtape Trap Vogue (abbreviated to TV); it will not appear on Ariana's 4th Studio Album as she is only a feature.

Background Edit

BIA mentioned 'Trap Vogue' in her interview with VIBE Magazine in September 2016.[1] She called it a high-energy project that will be coming out before her debut album; she confirmed that it will be her next release on Twitter.[2]

Ariana Grande performed Esta Noche for the first time live with BIA at the Dangerous Woman Tour in Manchester, NH on February 19, 2017.

Trivia Edit

  • Initially, fans thought the mixtape was titled "Grave Vogue"; BIA confirmed the real title on Twitter.[3]
  • BIA re-posted Ariana's Instagram snippet of the song and put "#estanoche", confirming the title of the track that she is featured on.
  • Ariana shared snippets of the song in October 2016 through Snapchat and Instagram.
  • BIA also shared numerous snippets through her Snapchat and Instagram stories.
  • "Esta Noche" means "Tonight" in Spanish.


Esta noche, tengo

[Verse 1: Bia]
He said he want him a Rican, a foreign, no English-speakin'
No hablo ingles, huh, when we always freakin'
It's always intriguin' 'cause I gotta do all the teachin'
Come se dice "you handsome?"
This was God, baby, this wasn't random
I might just let you sleep over my mansion
Then wake you up to sweet pussy and plant this
Oh yeah, you nasty, oh yeah, tú sabe
Me gusta cuando tú tiene hambre
I call you papi and you call me mami
Yo tengo jugo en mi sweat y en mi sangre

[Chorus: Ariana Grande]
We came from favelas
Livin' a life like novelas
She gettin' money, respect her
This a real bitches fiesta
(Esta noche, tengo)

[Verse 2: Bia]
He said I'm driving him loco, he know I'm too fly to be local
Any friend of mine gotta be fine anti-social
And Grande, she throw like a pro, yo tampoco
He fell in love with the coco
You name a piece of mine, he spent his lifetime winning lotto [?]
Siempre sale en mis fotos
Too bad I don't know, 'cuz I don't need no extra promo
Get down with my papi José
You can decide whether if you wanna [...]
I do my dirt on the low-low
Trap all I know-know
You ain't got whose money? ¿Cómo?

[Chorus: Ariana Grande]
We came from favelas
Livin' a life like novelas
She gettin' money, respect her
This a real bitches fiesta
(Esta noche, tengo)

Esta noche
Esta noche, tengo
Esta noche, tengo
Esta, esta
Esta noche tengo
Esta noche
Esta noche

References Edit

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