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Honeymoon Diaries is a YouTube channel created by Ariana Grande and Jones Crow for things related to Ariana's first world tour, The Honeymoon Tour.


  • Ariana first announced the channel through Twitter on January 10, 2015.[1]
  • The profile picture for the channel is from a photoshoot that Ariana and Jones did several months before they made the channel.[2]
  • Jones is the one who films all the videos.
  • On July 23, 2015, Ariana turned this account from public to private, making all the videos inaccessible. It was probably a mistake, because the next day the videos returned public.


Mimu Gloves

Ariana's first video on this channel was her practicing with her Mimu Gloves for the upcoming tour.[3] She worked with Rachel Freire, Adam Stark, Chagall, Kelly Snook, and Imogen Heap who invented the gloves.

One Last Time rehearsal

The second video posted on this channel was the band rehearsing for Ariana's song "One Last Time."[4] The video is the band performing without Ariana singing live.

One Last Time director notes

Ariana's third video is a video the director of "One Last Time" made for Ariana to help her understand the concept for the music video and rehearse.

Video with the dancers

This video was posted about a week before the tour started. It is mostly just Ariana with the crew of the tour and her dancers talking about the tour.

First night thoughts

In this video, Ariana reflects on the first night of the Honeymoon Tour. She also says that she wants to add more songs to the set and keeps thinking about how she "almost died."

Ariana "almost died"

Ariana explains how she "almost died" right before she performed "Love Me Harder" on opening night of the tour.

Pre-opening show night

The 7th video, is a montage of the Honeymoon crew before the opening night show.

Babes in Paris

This is a video of Ariana in a limo driving to rehearsals for her show in Paris on May 15, 2015. Two fans on a motorcycle ride next to Ariana on the rode and they sing songs together.

Crew being spiritual

This is a video right before the show starts of the crew's huddle. Ariana talks about getting rid of "klipot" which is a spiritual term for evil forces.

Under the Stage

In the 10th Honeymoon Diaries video, Jones films under the stage of the first European show right before the opening song.

European shows and Sweden

In this episode, it shows Ariana and the crew at some of their European shows and in Sweden where they make up the catchphrase, "Yas Sweden."

Summertime Ball

Ariana performed at the 2015 Summertime Ball, gave interviews, and hung out with her friends.


The Honeymoon Tour stopped at Antwerp which Ariana and the crew called "Antwerk." Ariana sang a part of "Moonlight" in this video, which was unreleased at the time.

Aspirations & dreams circle

In this video, Ariana and her crew got in a circle and wrote down something they want to accomplish in life. Another another piece of paper they wrote down what they thought of the person to their left. Then Brian and Scott read the papers out loud and everyone guessed who wrote it.


In the 15th video, the Honeymoon Tour stopped at Birmingham, England. Ariana said the theme of the night was gratitude.

Ariana films

Ariana films this short video and says hi to Brian and Scott.


In this video, the tour stops at Barcelona, Spain. They also celebrate Ariana's friend Alfredo Flores' birthday.

Sorry babes

Ariana apologizes for the "donut incident" that happened on July 4th. The video was made private after a few weeks. She later made the video private so it can no longer be viewed.

First show back

This video shows the first show on the last leg of the tour.

Honeymoon tour in 6 minutes

This video is of Frankie Grande reacting the entire tour himself.


This nearly two-minute video introduces fans to Ariana's song "Focus" as she explains the meaning of it.

Who Shot First?

This video was filmed in the summer of 2014 on the set of "Break Free". Ariana decided to release it because of the new Star Wars movie that came out.

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