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Jai Brooks
Jai and Ariana
General information
Gender Male
Born May 3, 1995
Occupation Comedian, prankster, stunt performer, entertainer
Years active

Jai Brooks (born 3 May 1995) is an Australian YouTube comedian, prankster, stunt performer and entertainer. He dated Ariana Grande since August 2012 until August 2013, the two finally met in New York City on December 30, 2012.[1]Jai has a twin brother named Luke Brooks and an older brother names Beau Brooks. He is part of a group called the Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation Skip) with 4 other friends (Luke Brooks, Beau Brooks, James Yammouni, Daniel Sahyounie) who have been posting comedy videos on YouTube since September 2011. Currently, their channel has over 1.4 million subscribers and over 100 million views worldwide. 

Relationship with Ariana

  • Jai met Ariana through Keek.
  • Joan Grande, Ariana's mom, got Jai noticed by Ariana by showing her a Janoskians' video.
  • Joan showed Ariana which one liked her; obviously doing her research if she could tell the Brooks twins (Luke and Jai) apart.
  • They began dating in July 2012 over the internet.
  • They met in person on December 30, 2012.
  • Ariana and Jai Brooks had their first kiss as soon as they met [2]
  • Frankie Grande filmed Ariana and Jai's first meeting. 
  • Jai tripped when he first met Ariana, some said it was a way to say, "He was falling head-over heels with her", but others say it was a goofy stunt; this however is untrue; he said on Zach Sang and the Gang Show, it was a genuine mistake. 
  • Frankie filmed himself being happy in the New Years Eve vlog on his YouTube channel, and when everyone yelled Happy New Year, if you pause the video, you can see Ariana and Jai kissing each other.
  • Jai gave Ariana a charm bracelet
  • Jai gave a surprise visit to Ariana on her The Way music video set in February.
  • Ariana and Jai briefly broke up, in February 2013, due to the long distance, but, confirmed a month later, that, they were back together.[3]
  • Jai came to the set where Ariana and MIKA filmed the music video for Popular Song.
  • In the Wango Tango movie/video of Ariana performing, you can also see obviously Jai looking proud from the side, along with, Joan Grande, Ariana's mother.
  • Ariana tweeted a picture of the sloth Lola saying, "I might be the only girlfriend in the world that would surprise her boyfriend with another girl on his birthday<3 This is Lolaaaaa".
  • On a live-chat, Ariana said Jai's name wrong, when, saying she might marry him Jai. 
  • Jai would often send sloth memes to Ariana via Twitter. 
  • Jai wrote a beautiful speech, on Instagram, about him being thankful he has Ariana.
  • Jai and Ariana posted videos, on Youtube, of them doing each others makeup.
  • They were kissing at the airport.
  • Jai visited Ariana on the set of her Baby I music video in late July 2013. There are pictures of them hugging and kissing on set.
  • In Ausust 2013, Jai and Ariana broke up. Jariana ended officially.
  • On October 7th, less than two weeks after it was confirmed Ariana was dating Nathan Sykes, Jai accussed Ariana of cheating on him with Nathan. He claimed that Nariana began while he was still dating Ariana.
  • There have recently been hints of Jai and Ariana being back together, when fans first heard Jai's voice in one of her Instagram videos, and things such as the two tweeting love emojis, and Ariana tweeted loads of love lyrics, to which Jai responds indirectly.
  • Ariana and Jai refollowed each other on twitter and Instagram, and she also recently refollowed Jai's older brother.
  • Ariana DM'ed a fan almost confirming Jariana being reunited.


Ariana in the Right There music video "You call for me, I'm right there."
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