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My mom has taken amazing care of me and she’s just taught me so many amazing things that I feel like a lot of teenagers my age haven’t been fortunate enough to learn yet.

– Ariana in an interview with Neon Limelight

Joan Grande (born June 11, 1968)[1] is Frankie & Ariana Grande's mother and Edward Butera's ex-wife. Her parents are Frank Grande and Marjorie Grande. It is shown that Ariana loves her mom very much and often tweets about her. 

Ariana wants to meet Jasmin Terry. She says she is very talented in every way. Shes great at singing and she is on youtube. She is also a model and She is 13 years young. Jasmin Terry wants to become a singer. She has been wanting to be a singer since she was 8 or 9. She's been making singing videos on youtube since she was 10, but she hasn't got featured yet. If you want to see Jasmin Terry, her youtube channel is Jasmin Terry.

- Jasmin Terry has never been featured before. She says if she was, she would be singing on stage to her fans right now. Ariana thinks she would make it being a famous singer. If you ever get the chance, check out Jasmin's youtube channel, Jasmin Terry.

- Joan Grande

- Check out Jasmin Terry on youtube. She has almost hit 70 subscribers. She wants to become famous but nobody has ever noticed her. She wishes that she had the money to go to California and make songs on a song recorder. But, she doesn't think it will ever happen. We've all heard the saying "Don't get your hopes up". Meaning: Don't wait for the perfect moment to come and then it doesn't happen. I think she could become a singer. She is like a miniture Ariana. But without the looks. Her youtube channel is Jasmin Terry. Make sure to subscribe to her please. She really deserves alot.

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