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Madonna Louise Ciccone is an American singer. She is friends with Ariana Grande.

Relationship with Ariana

  • In April 2016, Ariana wore a Madonna-fashioned outfit for her performance on 2016 MTV Movie Awards.[1][2]
  • Madonna posted a picture of her and Ariana on Instagram with the caption 'its friday bitches!'.[3] Ariana posted the same photo with the caption ' you know that we're greedy/ living for love'.[4]
  • Ariana has said that Madonna is one of her fashion icons.
  • Ariana performed a cover of her song 'Vogue' on the Honeymoon Tour.
  • Ariana (along with Ricky) went to Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour were she called to the stage to present an award for being the unapologetic b**** of the day.
  • Ariana performed with Madonna on her Rebel Heart Tour
  • Ariana performed the song 'Music' with Madonna at a Raising Malawi benefit concert in December 2016.


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