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"My Way" is an unreleased song which was intended for Ariana Grande's fourth album.


On August 14, 2016, Ariana shared a few snippets of a new song through Snapchat. The title of the song was unknown until Ariana confirmed she had a song called "My Way" a few weeks later.[1]

Some fans speculate that this song is a collaboration with Diplo as Ariana was in the studio with him earlier in August.[2]

On March 5, 2017, Ariana confirmed during the Dangerous Woman Tour soundcheck in Toronto that the snippets of the songs she posted on her snapchat were not ones that would be release because "she liked her new music too much".





Boy you better keep one, or think twice
Notice that I'm the best one, to keep by
I guess I shoulda stayed so far away
It took every ounce of effort just to parlay
Boy it's always in my favor, it go my way
My way



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