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Ophelia is Ariana Grande's chocolate labradoodle dog, adopted on September 27, 2013.[1]


  • Ariana uploaded a picture on Ophelia on Twitter on September 29, 2013.[2]
  • Ophelia is Ariana's third dog, the first was Coco and the second was Toulouse. Although it is possible that she may had other dogs in her childhood years.
  • Aaron Simon Gross, who is one of Ariana's close friends, actually named Ophelia. Ariana thought the name was funny because it sounded very old and proper so she kept it.[3]
  • Ophelia can be seen in Ariana's "Right There" music video at 1:06.
  • In May 2014, Ariana tweeting that Ophelia was turning blonder and that she was going to miss Ophelia's puppy coloring.[4]
  • On the Sam & Cat episode #Pilot, Cat Valentine says her name is Ophelia.
  • Ophelia was born on July 27, 2013.[5]


Ari2014-mod2 "I'll give you all I have and nothing less, I promise."
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