Ricky Alvarez is Ariana Grande's ex-boyfriend and former backup dancer.

Bio Edit

Ricky Alvarez was born on July 13, 1991 in San Diego, he is 5'10" tall and 70 kg. His mother's name is Sylvia Alvarez, his father John Alvarez and his sister Ryann Alvarez.

Relationship with Ariana Edit

Ricky became a backup dancer for Ariana in April 2014. Their first performance together was the Radio Disney Music Awards when Ariana debuted "Problem". Through the rest of the year, he (along with the rest of the dancers) performed with Ariana at countless events. He danced with her for many performances and music videos. Ricky appeared in the music videos for "Problem" and "Santa Tell Me". Ariana and all of her dancers became a close-knit group and would often spend time together outside of work.[1][2][3] In the choreography for "Be My Baby" Ricky had a solo section with Ariana on stage.[4]

In February 2015, he went on The Honeymoon Tour along with the rest of the crew, and fans began suspecting that he and Ariana were dating. They kissed onstage during Ariana's performance at the 2015 PRIDE festival in June, although some people thought the kiss was just part of the choreography.[5] Their relationship was officially confirmed when Ariana and Ricky were seen in a donut shop in Los Angeles on July 4, 2015 where they kissed.[6][7] They also spent the rest of the day together and watched fireworks.[8][9] Ariana also posted pictures of herself with Ricky's sister and dog.[10][11]

On July 24, 2016, Ariana deleted all Instagram photos from her account that included Ricky and untagged him from all posts he was formerly tagged in. This led fans to speculate that the two had broken up. This was further implied through a series of tweets she posted afterward. The rumoured break-up was confirmed on July 26, 2016.[12][13] As a result, Ricky is no longer one of Ariana's backup dancers.


  • Ariana and Ricky began dating in April 2015 and broke up in July 2016.
    • They dated for 1 year and 3 months.
  • Ariana's songs "Moonlight" and "True Love" are about Ricky.
  • Some fans speculate that her song "Forever Boy" is also about Ricky.
  • Ricky left Ariana's dance crew after the breakup.
  • Their relationship is rumoured to have ended because of Ricky leaving Ariana alone on her birthday to go to a party and get drunk.
  • Ricky attended the Dangerous Woman Tour on the 31st of March.



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