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Robyn Rihanna Fenty (born February 20, 1988), better known by her stage name Rihanna, is a Barbadian singer, actress, and fashion designer. She has gained fourteen number one singles and released seven studio albums. She is friends with Ariana Grande.

Ariana's friendship with Rihanna Edit

  • Ariana covered Rihanna's 2010 hit single, "Only Girl (In the World)".
  • Ariana loves Rihanna's album, Unapologetic.[1]
  • Jones Crow took a picture of Rihanna and Ariana Grande at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • There was controversy at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards because people thought Rihanna was laughing at Ariana's performance.
    • However, Ariana later said that Rihanna was laughing just because she was surprised at her performance rather than thought it was funny. Ariana said, "Afterwards, [Rihanna] was so kind to me, she was like, ‘Lil’ mama, keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working.’"[2]

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