"She Got Her Own" is an unreleased song by Ariana Grande intended for her third studio album, Dangerous Woman, and later to her fourth studio album, Sweetener.

Background Edit

On October 28, 2015, Grande shared an instrumental part of the song on her Snapchat story.[source?] One year later she shared two more snippets of the song.[1] During November 2017, the song was registered with Grande credited as a writer.

Trivia Edit

  • The title "She Got Her Own" is conjectural.
  • Grande teased "She Got Her Own" being on her fourth studio album, Sweetener, but then she changed her mind and the song didn't make the cut.
    • However, she said she would re-add a few songs to the track (some of them being produced by Tommy Brown.)
    • Ariana also said she wouldn't add "My Way" or "Sober" to Sweetener, but didn't mention "She Got Her Own".
    • This leaves the possibility that it could still be on Sweetener.
    • If it is on the album it is likely that it is "Successful" as it is female empowerment song.
  • The song is about feminism and women being able to do just as much as men.
  • The producers for this song also produced her song "Be Alright" from Grande's third studio album, Dangerous Woman.

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Ladies in the buildin'
Probably makin' more than you
He make that money but I wish
She got her own
You know, you know, you know, you know
She got her own
(She got her own)
(She got her own)

(She got her own)
(She got her own)

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