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Ariana Grande has had a series of snapchat accounts and posts regular updates on them.


- moonlightbae, this account is currently in use and frequently updated. It was created in 2015.


- areanuh, this account was used throughout 2014 and was then deleted for a unknown reason.

- ArianaGrandeMusic, it is yet to be decided if this account is real or not but it has been rumoured to been used in 2014 and 2013.

- Ariana also had a snapchat in early 2013.

- buttmunch4000, this was Ariana's first ever account. She did not want to make an account, however, she had been persuaded to by her best friend, Alexa. Ariana posted two snaps from the account before its demise.[1]

My Story

Ariana posts frequently on her My Story on snapchat, from parties with her brother to iHeart Radio performances.


Ariana accidently leaked the perfume box for her Perfume on her snapchat. Luckily everything worked out.

IMG 1620-1434818173

Ariana also has accidently posted snippets of her new album 'Moonlight' and deleted them soon after realising what she had posted.

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