The Dap Kings are a funk band usually associated with Sharon Jones. They are featured on the original version of Honeymoon Avenue.

Members Edit

Main band (Before Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings) Edit

  • Bosco "Bass" Mann (Bass, Bandleader)
  • Homer Steinweiss (Drums)
  • Fernando Velez (Congas, Tambourine)
  • Binky Griptite (Guitar)
  • Thomas Brenneck (Guitar)
  • David Guy (Trumpet)
  • Otis Youngblood (Baritone Saxophone)
  • Neal Sugarman (Tenor Saxophone)

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Edit

  • Sharon Jones (Lead Singer)
  • Bosco "Bass" Mann (Bass)
  • Homer Steinweiss (Drums)
  • Fernando Velez (Percussion)
  • Binky Griptite(Guitar)
  • Joe Crispiano (Guitar)
  • Hagar Ben Ari (Guitar)
  • David Guy (Trumpet)
  • Cochmea Gastelum (Alto Saxophone)
  • Neal Sugarman (Tenor Saxophone)

Past Members Edit

  • Leon Michels (Tenor Saxophone)
  • Earl Maxton (Organ)
  • Anda Szilagyi (Trumpet)
  • Todd M. Simon (Trumpet)
  • Thomas Brenneck (Guitar)
  • Ian Hendrickson-Smith (Saxophone)

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