Love u Ariana Grande


I will always love u. arianator 4 ever

My idol is always wearing a bow,

My idol plays Cat on the worlds best show,

My idol has beautiful red velvet locks,

Though it's natural brown also rocks.

My idol has inspired me.

My idol's flawless voice makes me shiver

Her absolute beauty makes me quiver.

What a wonderful holiday!

My idol was dropped as a baby,

into a bucket of perfect, isn't that crazy!

My idol and her fans are a family,

and we will always be.

My idol always has her heart up,

My idol wears the prettiest makeup!

My idol says adorkable!

Isn't that adorable?

My idols youtube is OhSnapItzAri,

My idol loves the strawberry!

My idol loves the Harry Potter series,

I definitely agree,

My idol was in 13,

the best musical anyone's ever seen.

My idol could make me smile''''',

The arianator family always sticks.

My idol shows she loves us too,

Yes Ariana, my idol is you.

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