This was also posted on the Sam & Cat Wiki.

Hey everyone. I just wanted to announce that I'm taking a break from this wiki.

First of all, I apologize for my inactivity. I've had a lot of activities this summer (it's summertime in my country), and I hardly had time to log onto Wikia and edit the wiki.

The reason I'm taking a break is because 1) I still have activities to do this summer, 2) School is coming up in about two weeks, and 3) I'm starting to lose interest in Wikia. Don't worry, I still love this wiki and editing, but it's starting to become a bit...boring, y'know?

Don't worry guys, I'm definitely still coming back. I just need a break from this all. Hope you guys understand. Happy editing :)

Oh, and if you guys remember, yesterday was my two year anniversary of being on Wikia. Thanks to everyone on Wikia for being with me from my 1st to 1000th edit :]

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