• Arianators

    Guys, an idea has been banded together for August 23 - One Last Time Day. Watch the OLTD video.

    Everyone who would like, please choose your team and join! We're excited to be starting this!

    Alright, let's make #OneLastTimeDay happen.

    One Direction had #DragMeDownDay trending and got the song at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.. If we all work as a fandom we can get it on the charts, and trending on Twitter too.

    Here’s how to participate:

    1. Everyone who has Spotify, please play One Last Time on repeat. You can turn off the volume, just keep it playing. Maybe overnight? (Don’t forget to use Wi-Fi!).

    If we all continuously play it on repeat, we could break records like One Direction did, and get it on the Spotify Charts.

    Alright, I have come up with the id…

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