Guys, an idea has been banded together for August 23 - One Last Time Day. Watch the OLTD video.

Everyone who would like, please choose your team and join! We're excited to be starting this!

Alright, let's make #OneLastTimeDay happen.

One Direction had #DragMeDownDay trending and got the song at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.. If we all work as a fandom we can get it on the charts, and trending on Twitter too.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Everyone who has Spotify, please play One Last Time on repeat. You can turn off the volume, just keep it playing. Maybe overnight? (Don’t forget to use Wi-Fi!).

If we all continuously play it on repeat, we could break records like One Direction did, and get it on the Spotify Charts.

Alright, I have come up with the idea that everyone split up into teams depending on who of Ari’s dogs you love the most! Here's what you're going to do.

Choose Your Team

Team Toulouse:

  • Your job is to contact all the radio stations (you can text them too y'all, super easy) and to get everyone to play One Last Time. We can band together a list of radio station text numbers and phone numbers for you babes!

Team Coco:

  • Your job is to get #OneLastTimeDay trending on Twitter and keep it trending as long as you can. Also, you can help out with everything else we’re doing for #OneLastTimeDay!

Team Sirius:

  • Get the music video in a ton of views! Imagine if One Last Time hit 500M views from 150M views in one day! That would break world records! How to do this?
  • Download the Firefox add-on “ReloadEvery” and go to the music video. Mute it because it’s going to get annoying. Set the reload timer on every 30 seconds, then you can leave your computer alone or do something else. It’ll refresh the video every 30 seconds, so each 30 seconds is 1 new view. Now, if 200 people do that, then it’s 200 views per 30 seconds!
  • Also, you can help out Team Toulouse with contacting radio stations to request the song!

Team Ophelia:

  • If you can, make some signs asking people to buy One Last Time by Ariana Grande and put them up wherever you can. Poles with flyers, on bulletin boards, wherever! If you haven't bought One Last Time on iTunes, do that as well. If you can't do the signs, just help out with everything else and feel free to do whatever you'd like to assist #OneLastTimeDay.

Come on BABES, let's make ari proud!! <33333


@moonlight on Fahlo, Ariana Grande News on YouTube, @lTSASHBENZO__ & @realgraeme on Twitter.

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