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    Hi everyone!  This is a bit of an imformal blog posting where I will rank all of the songs off of Dangerous Woman (including the bonus and deluxe tracks).  Keep in mind that this is all opinion and many of my choices are very likely to differ from the majority of you.  I am proud Arianator since 2014 who honestly thinks every one Ariana's tracks off her third album shows signs of brillance and originality.  I actually got into music a lot more because of Ariana Grande over the past couple of years - I really believe that she has a certain unique sound to her voice and her music always seems fresh and willing to take risks.  Ariana's songs really feel evolutionary in pushing the boundaries and setting new standards for multiple genres.

    With …

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    With all the anticipation of Ariana Grande's third album, Dangerous Woman, many will soon enjoy new songs that we'll be putting on repeat for months to come.  It is also a reasonable time to reflect on some of Ariana's past work that really laid a foundation for her presence as a A-list artist.

    Several would agree that the year of 2014 marked a considerable milestone in Ariana's music career.  From the breakthrough 90s pop inspired sound of "Problem" to the EDM summer jam of "Break Free", fans got to experience a plethora of different music genres Ariana willingly brought to the table. Her sophomore album, My Everything, was a huge commercial success, landing her a second No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 and thereafter spawning five singles.


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    I thought this would be a relatively interesting topic to discuss that could benefit all users on this site.  At the outset, this may seem a little pedantic, but I'm just going to throw the idea out there.

    On multiple pages on the wikia, among the plethora of edits from various users, whenever a specific date is mentioned (i.e. when Ariana released a song, performed something live, date that she released an important tweet), I've noticed that users will either type the date in the following formats:

    [I will use a random date to illustrate a point]

    • March 16, 2016
    • March 16 2016
    • Mar. 16, 2016
    • March 16th
    • etc.

    I would kindly suggest that whenever one makes an edit to a page, please use the first format when referencing a date that I've highlighted in bol…

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