• CandyCrushSagaLevel350

    Almost 1 year later since the release of her lead single, I am going to rank all the tracks, please let me know if you agree or some of your favourites! Thanks!

    17. Everyday - Honestly this is the only song by Ariana I don't like, I think Future's rap doesn't sound well with Ariana and the chorus is very repetitive, the verses are also very short. However, I like the very end though  2/10

    16. Dangerous Woman - Now this is the hard part, I think Moonlight would be much better as the name of the album, however this song is cute and I love the little guitar solo, I just don't think it was good to pick as a lead single 3.5/10

    15. Step On Up - This sounds a lot like Focus which honestly is one of my favourite songs by her even though it isn't on t…

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  • CandyCrushSagaLevel350

    Listen to "Get On Your Knees" how amazing is the collab. I hope that she has a Nicki collab on Dangerous Woman, who thinks she does.

    I also LOVE Nicki Minaj, especially The Re Up and The PinkPrint. My favourite songs by Nicki Minaj are "Va Va Voom", "Truffle Butter", "The Crying Game" "Only" and "Anaconda"

    Anyone else who likes Nicki Minaj here, any comments about a collab and your favourite songs by her?

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