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    Broken Mirror

    April 8, 2015 by Expertnico06

    Wrote another song fro Ariana with Rita, finally, I thought of something.

    Broken Mirror

    (feat. Rita Ora)


    [Verse 1]

    I was that girl,

    Saying that you should’ve just left and shut the door,

    You should’ve though,

    I wish you were real,

    But after last night you were surreal, surreal I tell ya,

    So I am alone again,

    You kissed me up,

    You kissed me underneath the moonlight oh-yeah,

    Really felt good.


    [Pre-Chorus 1]

    Looking at your side now,

    Feeling this experimental love, boy,

    Swing me right through everything you’ve got,

    Chase me down the forest,

    Baby, baby, this is love or not? Is it?

    Uh-uh, you had that look at me once, and I think it’s back, oh.

    [Ariana (Rita)]


    And when we were kissing,

    (Where are we?),

    You’ve got my mind all over your skin,


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  • Expertnico06


    April 8, 2015 by Expertnico06

    I write this song for Ariana, I wish that she can see the wiki and see this.


    [Verse 1]

    Walking down this road in here,

    Feeling like I’m not safe in here,

    Your love (your love is what I need),

    I’m going through things I’ve never seen,

    Feeling like you’re the one I’ve always seen,

    Your kiss (your kiss is what I miss).

    [Pre-Chorus 1]

    After our break-up,

    I seen everything there,

    I wish you think of me,

    Every time I dream of you,

    Don’t think of you like,


    Feel my love,

    Feel my heart pumping.


    You got me breathless,

    Had me in one go,

    And we’re just going na-na-na,

    You said bye-bye-bye,

    You got me on nothing,

    Had me in one touch,

    Your touch was ma-gi-cal,

    And it goes breathless,

    Again and again!

    [Verse 2]

    Chasing your shadow there,

    I lost my h…

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    Dream Collaborators

    December 29, 2014 by Expertnico06

    In this blog, I talk about singers that I want Ariana to collaborate with:

    Maybe like, Sia, you know because it'll sound very good with their voices, maybe a song called "Passing By", I really want a song that has that title, or maybe "Broken Mirror", that would sound good for a title, because it's good for Ariana as a title of a song, also to Sia.

    Adam Levine, I don't know but that would be awesome, like a song called "You Brought Me to Places I Don't Know" though that doesn't sound like a title for a song, but it might be awesome, or "All Over the Place".

    Madonna, like Ariana and a legendary singer, I don't have an idea for that, but that would be great, if they will have a song, I would listen to it everyday, though I don't really like Mad…

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  • Expertnico06
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    Song Title Ideas

    May 21, 2014 by Expertnico06

    Okay, so this is not her actual songs, but I want her to sing a song titled after these, you can also give ideas:

    1. When It Comes To You
    2. Listening To Ya'
    3. Cool Entrance
    4. Going Home
    5. Burning Up
    6. Heart Stopper
    7. Regretful
    8. Painting The Night
    9. Breathless
    10. Skies Falling Down
    11. Dimensional Kisser
    12. Expressing Emotions
    13. Can't Feel This Moment
    14. Tragic Request
    15. I Am Chosen
    16. Lighten Me Up
    17. Mindless Last Night
    18. What Does It Take
    19. Platinum House
    20. Shattered Memories
    21. That Man I Used to Know
    22. Supposed to Be You
    23. There Was Never An Us
    24. Shocking
    25. Seeing You
    26. It Hurts Me More
    27. Bullet
    28. The Night
    29. I Have Fear
    30. The First to Love You
    31. Wake Me Up In Another Day
    32. Invited
    33. You Have No Future
    34. Emotional Road
    35. Moon
    36. Dream Me
    37. You And Yourself
    38. Lonely
    39. My Heartbreaker
    40. Blind
    41. You Can Burn It Through the Night
    42. Lovin' the Way You Loved Her
    43. Does She Kno…
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