In this blog, I talk about singers that I want Ariana to collaborate with:

Maybe like, Sia, you know because it'll sound very good with their voices, maybe a song called "Passing By", I really want a song that has that title, or maybe "Broken Mirror", that would sound good for a title, because it's good for Ariana as a title of a song, also to Sia.

Adam Levine, I don't know but that would be awesome, like a song called "You Brought Me to Places I Don't Know" though that doesn't sound like a title for a song, but it might be awesome, or "All Over the Place".

Madonna, like Ariana and a legendary singer, I don't have an idea for that, but that would be great, if they will have a song, I would listen to it everyday, though I don't really like Madonna, because she's kind of old, but no offense to her fans.

Ed Sheeran, because they're like friends, I don't really know, maybe a song called "Going Home" or maybe "Burning This Place" because that would be the most awesome song, if they would collaborate, though, guys give me some ideas or title ideas.

Katy Perry, no questions asked, but why not, well, no one would say that they can't collaborate, or maybe she can just write a song for Ariana, though Nicki Minaj with Ari, that was written by Katy.

Miley Cyrus, if some of you think that would be bad, listen to Miley Cyrus with Pharrell, is that the right spelling? So, they're friends, why not? Miley Cyrus can stop being gross at some times, she cried at the VMAs this year, not gross.

Charli XCX, I'll die if they made a song, still not a fan of Charli, a little bit after hearing some of her songs, and the one when she was with Iggy, if they would make one, it  would slay, like slay your ears, slay your phone, slay iTunes.

Rita Ora, little bit, I don not listen to her songs, maybe a little, and they would make a great song, after hearing her sing in Iggy's song Black Widow, I always imagine them having a song.

So, a question, have you ever noticed that Ariana really, really, really likes rappers? Maybe soon I will put rappers here.

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