Okay, so this is not her actual songs, but I want her to sing a song titled after these, you can also give ideas:

  1. When It Comes To You
  2. Listening To Ya'
  3. Cool Entrance
  4. Going Home
  5. Burning Up
  6. Heart Stopper
  7. Regretful
  8. Painting The Night
  9. Breathless
  10. Skies Falling Down
  11. Dimensional Kisser
  12. Expressing Emotions
  13. Can't Feel This Moment
  14. Tragic Request
  15. I Am Chosen
  16. Lighten Me Up
  17. Mindless Last Night
  18. What Does It Take
  19. Platinum House
  20. Shattered Memories
  21. That Man I Used to Know
  22. Supposed to Be You
  23. There Was Never An Us
  24. Shocking
  25. Seeing You
  26. It Hurts Me More
  27. Bullet
  28. The Night
  29. I Have Fear
  30. The First to Love You
  31. Wake Me Up In Another Day
  32. Invited
  33. You Have No Future
  34. Emotional Road
  35. Moon
  36. Dream Me
  37. You And Yourself
  38. Lonely
  39. My Heartbreaker
  40. Blind
  41. You Can Burn It Through the Night
  42. Lovin' the Way You Loved Her
  43. Does She Know That I Still Like You
  44. Chemistry Between Us
  45. Doing So Good
  46. Fine
  47. Stupidly Inlove
  48. Hit Me I'm Lovesick
  49. Supposed to Be Yours
  50. Riding Your Love
  51. Be the One
  52. Be on This
  53. Radioactive Hearts
  54. How to Be My Lover
  55. Kissing Goodbye
  56. Say Hi to the New Me
  57. In the Club
  58. The Only Girl You See
  59. Say It to Me, Baby
  60. Hold Me Close
  61. Driving Me So Crazy
  62. Crazy About Your Love
  63. Learn to Love
  64. Everything About You
  65. Ask Me
  66. Freaking the Love Out
  67. Slide and Break My Heart
  68. Dumb Boy
  69. Just Another Lover
  70. Wanted to Believe You
  71. My Baby Loved Me Before
  72. Finding Out
  73. Now We're Over
  74. Closed
  75. Crying for Another Night
  76. Just to See You Again
  77. Do It Right This Time
  78. Resident of Love
  79. Ignore You
  80. Loving Him!
  81. Breaking This

Please also give me ideas, choose a song, and think of a lyrics of it, of how she could sing it... :)

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