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Introduce you guys to myself :)

Hi Everyone! I will introduce you to myself :)

This is me... And I'm just a girl as every single girl but with a little more.. Me :)

I'm in a band with my best friend and we sing and play ukulele and gitar and stuff. I have lovely parents and I love to cuddle with my big brothers!! (not every day haha) Andddd.. I have the most beautiful sister (not actually my real sister) And of course I have a cute cat too and a hamster, I love them :-*

So yeah... uh.. I have hobbies of course!! My hobbies are : Dancing, singing and act :p

And I am a very very very BIG fan of Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato!!!! <3 #arianator #lovatic #forever 

Well this is me :)

XOXO Me <3 

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