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My AU Fanfiction Re-telling of One Last Time

Hi everyone. :3 Some of you Arianators (and maybe some Zedd-obsessed stalkers, too) may know me from here. However, that's not my point. :P

Well, in April or so, I began to write an alternate-universe fanfiction based off the music video for One Last Time. I posted this blog the day after I first got the idea, and I've been trying to work on it ever since (though I still think the one bit of one chapter I have so far is terrible, lol).

Please note that the storyline has undergone serious changes since I first posted the original idea. I mean, same characters and everything, but the amount the protagonists already know about their world, how the story opens up, etc. is now very different than it would've been had I stuck to the original idea. Also, I may revise this a lot. xP

One more note: I don't even have a title for this yet. xD (Though the working title is "Eurydice".)

Chapter 1: Hair Like Fire (Unfinished)

I should've saw it coming, I should've saw the signs...

– Ariana Grande, Break Your Heart Right Back

"Ohhhhhhhh my god..." I heard myself mumble.

What the freaking heck was wrong with my bed?

I whirled horizontally onto my left side and, without looking, gave my pillow a good punch.

Well, I gave the spot where my pillow should've been a good punch, at least.

Within milliseconds, my entire right hand was enveloped in a thick blanket of almost-unbearably intense pain; I'd just punched metal full-force! Unable to control it like a sane person, I commenced screaming like a melodramatic maniac: "AAAAAAAAWH MY GOSH! SONOFAB—"

"Miss Violet, please try to watch the language," came a woman's voice.

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