Edward Butera is Ariana Grande's dad and Joan Grande's former husband. He is the owner/founder of Ibi Designs, Inc. He is very proud of his daughter and often tweets about her on his Twitter page, @CaptainEddieB.

Relationship with ArianaEdit

  • Ariana show that she loves her dad very much.
  • He came to see Ariana perform in A Snow White Christmas.[2]
  • Ariana tweeted about him a few times. [3]
  • Edward tweeted a picture of him and Ariana along with greeting her a happy birthday.[4]
  • Edward tweeted a picture of a papier mache bowl they made together when Ariana was 5 years old.[5]


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  3. Ariana tweets about her dad
  4. Edward greeting Ariana on her birthday
  5. Edward tweeting a picture of a papier mache bowl

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