Osnapitzari is Ariana Grande's official YouTube channel. Currently, she has 131 videos, over 1 million subscribers and over 121 million views. She named her YouTube channel "osnapitzari" which means "Oh, snap, it's Ari". This is a reference to That's So Raven. Ariana's old videos were of when she was a brunette before she became famous.



  1. Covers Freaky Forever
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    2. ArianaGrandeVevo
    3. Ariana Grande's YouTube vlog
  2. Trivia


Ariana has made many impressions of different artists/people she likes. She has also made many song covers and other miscellaneous videos.


Freaky ForeverEdit

When Ariana was younger, she did a parody of the movie Freaky Friday called Freaky Forever about two siblings who one day woke up in each other's bodies.

Starring in this series are Ariana Grande and Aaron Simon Gross as the siblings (although they are not related in real life).

Other channelsEdit


Main article: WeAreStoopKid

WeAreStoopKid is a YouTube channel that Ariana runs along side with her co-stars from Victorious, Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies.


ArianaGrandeVevo is Ariana's official VEVO YouTube channel.

Ariana Grande's YouTube vlogEdit

Main article: Ariana Grande vlog YouTube

Ariana Grande's YouTube vlog is a channel that Ariana made to make regular vlog videos for her fans. She will be giving advice if she can and let the fans pick the topics of the videos.

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