These are the sites I know to keep always updated with Ariana Grande, feel free to use my sources.

Official Website: Ariana Grande

Facebook: Ariana Grande

Instagram: Ariana Grande

Twitter: Ariana Grande

Youtube: ArianaGrandeVevo, Ariana Grande' (former Osnapitzari), Honeymoon Diaries

AllMusic: Ariana Grande

Discogs: Ariana Grande

Genius: Ariana Grande Ariana Grande

Social Blade: ArianaGrandeVevo

Wikipedia: Ariana Grande @arianagrande (App: iTunes , Google Play )

Snapchat: moonlightbae (App: iTunes, Google Play )

Vevo Views: Ariana Grande (App: iTunes, Google Play)

Ariana Grande Sales: (See Ariana Grande Sales)

Ariana Grande Fan Base:

Spotify Total Streams: Ariana Grande (See Spotify Streams)

Twitter Fan Accounts (only I know)

  1. 147k followers
  2. 129k followers
  3. 105k followers
  4. 94k followers

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