Hii Hii Luvs!

So, I currently gained admin status on this wiki, and I plan on using it wisely. First of all I need to check around and clean up etc. It will take time for me to build this wiki so be patient ;) A lot of changes to come! I'm new at this whole admin thing so there will probably be some back and forth with my edits to change when I change my mind to discover new ways and such. If people help out a lot and don't do vandal edits I will promote people to rollbacks, chat mods and so on as needed. Asking for rights doesn't mean you get them, you have to show dedication and make good edits. Just having a lot of edits doesn't help if they didn't help anything.

I'm hoping to maybe adopt this wiki in the future as well.

That's pretty much all I got for now!

~Xo Minni-T (talk)

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