Hi! This is RealMario7 (I wish I could change it, but alas, I cannot) a.k.a. ArianaGrande845. So I'm not sure what to put in my first blog, so I thought I would just say a little bit about myself. I love creating fan-made album covers for mainly Ariana, but I also make them for other artists like Demi, Meghan, Taylor, Kelly, Zendaya, and Fifth Harmony. I am creating a Flickr so I can share these (along with my YouTube channel) with the world! I am (obviously) a HUGE Arianator and I am SOOOOO excited for her third studio album and the Honeymoon Tour (even though I'm really upset that I might not be able to go). That's it for this blog, but I will try to post one a week. I also want to start doing reviews, so I'll see how that goes. Bye for now!

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