Reyna that's my name, not that normal teenager. Of course dreams about being famous with her favorite cousin, wants to travel the world have amazing fan. Doesn't want her life to be to "perfect" she just wants its simple. Favorite color is baby blue. Just 15 years old. Goes to high school. Has a little bit of friends yet doesn't have that close best friend. Wants a guy best friend. I want to be the greatest role model for girls and guys too. Wants to be the good child but fails sometimes. Not proud of my address. Wants to have more adventures with her cousin named Juanita. Doesn't want to feel left out. Wants to try the most good foods in the world. Loves fruits and pies, cake and food. I want to know more about follow me on twitter @reyna_wolfgang & reyna_babby. Have a YouTube account but hopefully I post a video Reyna Guevara email .

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