Hello, Arianators!

I've just asked Wikia if I can adopt this wiki. Adopting a wiki means that the Wikia staff will give me admin and b-crat rights, since the founder is inactive.

If you think that I shouldn't be an admin and b-crat, please say so in the comments.

When I adopt this wiki, I will:

  1. make a background for this wiki
  2. access achievments, chat, and message wall
  3. promote some people to become an admin
  4. promote ArianaGrandeForever to an admin and b-crat

My reason for Ariana to become a b-crat is:

  • she edited alot
  • she made good edits
  • she is my best friend

I hope you all agree for me to become an admin and b-crat.

ToriVegaNinaMartin 03:01, August 19, 2012 (UTC)

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