WeAreStoopKid is a YouTube channel created by Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies (Jade on Victorious), and Matt Bennett (Robbie on Victorious). The channel currently has over 2.5 million views.

This channel feature videos of their time on set and off set. It also contains clips of other actors from Victorious and crew members, as well as family members.

There are many small and random videos on this channel and a few running "shows" called "Angry Matt" & "Liz's Invisible Animals".

On November 27, 2012, Ariana posted a video on her channel and mentioned in the beginning that it's an "exclusive StoopKid video" where they answered questions they wrote on a plane and put in a bowl, but forgot about. In the description Ariana says that they were going to post it on the StoopKid channel, but then remembered that they missed Matt in the video.[1] However, one of the three missing in previous videos has never been an issue.

The most recent video was uploaded in October 2015. Currently there are 44 videos on this channel.

Angry MattEdit

"Angry Matt" is a segment invented by Ariana, Elizabeth & Matt. In these videos there is usually a small problem that makes Matt really angry.

Angry Matt videosEdit

There is also one video called "Sad Matt: Emmys" to be viewed here .

Liz's Invisible AnimalsEdit

"Liz's Invisible Animals" is a segment invented by Ariana, Liz & Matt. In these videos we get to see all of Liz's invisible animals.

Liz's Invisible Animals videosEdit

Matt & LizEdit

"Mat & Liz" is a new segment that features only Matt and Elizabeth.

Matt & Liz videosEdit

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